Movie: Tommy Boy

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Tommy Boy includes stars Chris Farley, David Spade, and Dan Aykroyd. They can all be characterized as Impersonator actors, largely due to their many appearances together on Saturday Night Live. The unlikely duo of Farley and Spade were also in the movie Black Sheep; this duo worked very well together. They fed off of each other in their comedic acting. They were able to portray numerous character roles. They have portrayed fictional characters, as well as impersonating real people.
With the untimely death of Chris Farley in 1997 his career came to a tragic ending. Within the movie Tommy Boy he was portrayed as the not-so-bright son of a smart well-to-do auto parts manufacturer Tom Callahan, played by Brian Dennehy. From the beginning of the movie to the end he is plagued by unfortunate but comical circumstances. In a scene when he is sitting on a park bench, feeling down, the bench breaks. tommy-boy-movie-clip-screenshot-no-for-an-answer_largeHis reaction is, “Could have done without that.” Another scene in the movie as Richard, played by David Spade, is driving him back to town after being picked up from the airport, upon graduation from college. The open bag of M&M’s Tommy has set on the car dash, in the vintage hot rod owned by Richard, roll into the vent as Richard turns a corner. Richard is not happy, to which Tommy replies that it’s okay; they won’t melt because they have a hard candy shell. Chris Farley played a great variety of characters, even impersonating a senator on SNL.
David Spade — known as a prankster most of his life — caught a break in 1990, and became a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live. During his days there he portrayed many real people, such as Tom Petty, as well as fictional characters. He did many great skits with Chris Farley. In the movie Tommy Boy, Spade plays the character of Richard. Richard is a nose-to-the-grindstone, trying-to-move-up-the-ladder, serious, hard-working right hand man of the company owner, Tom Callahan. After the untimely TommyBoy_261Pyxurzdeath of Tom, Richard is put in charge of helping his son Tommy save the factory. What entails is a series of comedic events that leave you in stitches. Spade has went on to have a successful career in movies and television. He is an actor that can adapt well to many roles.
Dan Aykroyd has been around forever. What hasn’t he done? His work dates back decades. From The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters, Spies Like Us, My Girl, Coneheads, Pearl Harbor, and the voice of Yogi Bear in 2010. This well rounded actor played Zalinsky, the man trying to buy up Callahan Auto in Tommy Boy. He would also be characterized as an impersonator actor. He can handle rolls from comedy to drama. His career has spanned many decades due to his talent and versatility. Aykroyd has portrayed so many characters, and played them well. From his earliest works on Saturday Night Live to his starring role in Coneheads, he can make you laugh. His roles in Driving Miss Daisy and My Girl show you he is diverse enough to play a serious role. He is a very gifted and talented actor.

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